AKA on ProKid's death: 'He changed my life. I wish I had taken more time to reach out to him'

09 August 2018 - 05:49
By Jessica Levitt
ProKid had a 'severe seizure' on Wednesday night.
Image: Instagram ProKid had a 'severe seizure' on Wednesday night.

As news of hip-hop star ProKid's death sent shockwaves around South Africa on Thursday morning, musician AKA has paid tribute to the star, expressing his regret at not reaching out to the Ghetto Science hitmaker more while he was alive.

"I had all the opportunities to reach out and make music with him. I kept delaying, kept getting caught up in whatever stupid shit I was doing. Now he's gone forever. Shit is crazy."

AKA said ProKid had changed his life, and he spoke about the influence the late musicians had had on his career.

ProKid's family issued a statement in the early hours of Thursday morning confirming his death.

"He suffered a severe seizure attack while visiting friends and paramedics were called in to assist. They did their best to revive him to no avail and called his death at 8.38pm."

Tributes were posted on social media for hours, with many celebrities tweeting messages about their memories of the star.