Uzalo's Nocxy Mabika: You need to grow up quick with fame

09 August 2018 - 09:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Nocxy says fame can be a steep learning curve.
Nocxy says fame can be a steep learning curve.
Image: Via Nocxy's Instagram

From the moment she decided that acting was her calling in life, actress Nokuthula "Nocxy" Mabika has been ready for the limelight but admits that fame nearly tripped her up.

The star burst onto the acting scene with her role as Thobile on popular soapie Uzalo, earning her a Best Supporting Actress award at the recent Simon Sabela Film and Television Awards.

While the star adapted to life on set quickly after graduating from varsity, she told TshisaLIVE that handling fame is the one trick she is still trying to get right.

"When you grow up and decide you want to be a performer, you don't really know how it is going to pan out. The challenge is trying to maintain who I am as a person while also maintaining who I am as a performer. I am trying to grow as a performer and at the same time deal with fame. It is really challenging at times but I keep going. The thing I've learnt is, you need to grow up quick (with fame)."

She said that nothing people told her before could prepare her for the limelight and the crazy fan moments.

Her fans be like... when they see her.

"People told me what would happen and when I got into the industry it was nothing like that. That is what I am dealing with and at times I feel like I am making it up as I go along."

Speaking about fame earlier this year, Nocxy told us that she often gets dudes who think they know her taking their shot in the DMs.

"I just ignore it. You know those messages that go: 'Hey Nocxy, you're my everyday crush'. Sometimes I thank them and then send them a laughing face."