Pabi Moloi on being broke: I once ran out of petrol on the highway

10 August 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Pabi Moloi opens up about her previous money troubles.
Pabi Moloi opens up about her previous money troubles.
Image: Via Pabi's Instagram

We've all had those days where looking at our bank balance makes us want to start a petrol stokvel and it turns out Pabi Moloi once shared the pain. The TV star opened up about her past money struggles and said, at one point, she even ran out of petrol on the highway.

Pabi has been in the industry for well over a decade but told Metro FM's Rams Mabote this week that when she was new in the industry she was deep in the broke game. She explained that she was working as an unpaid intern when she ran out of petrol on the way to work.

"I got stuck, out of petrol, on the highway. I will never forget. I happened to scrap together 5,6,7, R10, walked down on the highway and got a 2 litre bottle of petrol. I got it in my car and went to work. One of the guys at work gave me R60 and then I was able to borrow a couple of hundred from my aunt until payday"

She said young people are often expected to work for little to no money, yet still make their own way to work, and she was just another victim of that system.

"I think I was just underpaid. We've heard about all these people who are complaining about internships, unpaid internships, where you go in and pretty much do a full day of work for a stipend, but still be expected to travel there every day. It is ridiculous to expect somebody to do that."

While some people define success by the amount of money they have in their bank account, Pabi is different. She's spoken before of success being more about the size of your heart rather than the size of your wallet.

"Success, in my opinion, is being happy with who you are and what your contribution is to the world," she once told Grazia magazine in an interview.