Survivor SA's 'Godfather' Werner getting blindsided gave us chest pains

10 August 2018 - 12:06 By Kyle Zeeman
Werner lost the challenge and his shot at the R1-million prize for the 'sole survivor'.
Werner lost the challenge and his shot at the R1-million prize for the 'sole survivor'.

No need to call VAR, Survivor South Africa: Philippines ‘Godfather’ Werner is well and truly out of the competition after being blindsided on this week's episode of the show.

Mzansi was left shooketh after 'The Don' who had been ruling an alliance on the show was played by the one person he helped save from elimination last week.

Jeanne, who Werner handed his hidden Immunity Idol to last week, led the revolution against her long-time ally, convincing Tom and Annalize that none of the trio had any chance of winning the R1-million prize and ‘Sole Survivor’ title if they were pitted against him in the final.

She did that by convincing Tom to forsake his sworn word to Werner that he’d never vote against him

We were just there like: 

With next week's finale just a few sleeps away, the competition is heating up and knives are being sharpened.

Speaking after the show, Werner said he was "a little blindsided" by the trio's move to kick him off.

"I did not think that Tom would turn against me. You know when someone drags you out of a room into a place you don't want to be? Since the moment Jeanne took that necklace I felt like they are starting to drag me and I'm going into the ocean. I was just kicking back," he said after the show.

Only one more challenge awaits Tom, Annalize and Jeanne before next week’s two-hour final episode and in a twist the winner will not only be guaranteed a spot in the final, but they’ll also be able to drop one member of the jury ahead of the final tribal council.

Survivor South Africa: Philippines  airs Thursday at 7pm on M-Net 101.