WATCH: ProKid gave us hit after hit, here's three top ones

And... it was hard to even narrow it down!

10 August 2018 - 10:24
By Chrizelda Kekana
ProKid has been labelled one of Soweto's finest.
Image: Instagram ProKid has been labelled one of Soweto's finest.

For us, the fans, more than the amazing guy that ProKid has been described as by his friends, family and fellow artists, to us he was an amazing rapper and we know him for the music.

And, that is how we are going to remember and celebrate him...through his music.

ProKid was the gift that kept on giving as far as music goes. He spit bars and served heat with his beats. We may not have known him personally but through music he gave us a lot to hold onto.

Like these three bangers!


"Bathi uthini ngo-Pro u-Pro ulavo… usweeto… uyaflowa u-Rhyma kamnandi futhi u-ghetto uyas’qhaza uyasi-represent-a."

This was an era of hip-hop Mzansi had never seen and ProKid was truly reppin'.


"He ngithi bhampa bhampa bham… pa!/Throw your hands in the air s’phakamise kanje/Azithi bhampa bhampa bham… pa!/Ngoba abo-clever basekasi mabahamba beyenzani/Baya bhampa bhampa bham… pa!/Pro is on the dance floor moving that waist line/He ngithi bhampa bhampa bham…pa!/Maw’fake ama-Pro Ink you know what to do"

One of the coolest tunes in SA hip-hop hands down. Just that beat alone son!


"Vulan’ isekele/ Okaaaay/Abeze la sibenzele/ daai ding net so, the whole daaaay."

Interestingly, in this song Pro also explains his famous phrase "Dankie San". He says it to thank the people that have made him who he is and continually support him.

"Bathi why sithi “Dankie San”/ Ok, bheka/ Siqale ngok’ bong’ isupport,/ Besesiy’ giver back"

*Does the dance* P.R.O was just too smooth with the dance moves yazi!