Suzelle DIY star's taking parenting 'one moment' at a time

11 August 2018 - 14:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Julia Anastasopoulos is loving motherhood.
Julia Anastasopoulos is loving motherhood.

Suzelle DIY and Tali Babes star, Julia Anastasopoulos has learnt some valuable lessons in the first month of motherhood.

Julia and her hubby, Ari Kruger welcomed their daughter Zoe into the world last month. 

Even though motherhood definitely isn't a walk in the park, Julia is adjusting to her new role. 

"We’re still getting the hang of the night shifts but I’ve found that stealing a nap in the day makes the world of difference.

"We are getting better at outings (and we’ve learned the lesson of always having a change of clothes in the baby bag) but I managed a successful solo mission in the car the other day and it felt like the greatest achievement in the world." 

Julia said she realised that taking things at it came made a huge difference. 

"We’re getting better at this parenthood thing! Staying in the moment is key."