WATCH | I discovered AKA, says 'people's blesser' Malcolm X

13 August 2018 - 13:14 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X is proud of AKA's achievements.
Malcolm X is proud of AKA's achievements.
Image: Via Malcolm X's Instagram

Businessman Malcolm X has not only handed out over R4-million to those in need over the years, but also "discovered" one of the most popular rappers on the African continent, AKA.

Malcolm has always been a staunch supporter of the rapper and even bought over 500 copies of AKA's latest album, Touch My Blood to give out to fans. Speaking to TshisaLIVE Malcolm said he and AKA go back all the way to Orange Farm in 2005.

"He was 13 years old. I discovered him in a squatter camp in Orange Farm. He was performing there for a LoveLife initiative. His uncle worked for LoveLife."

Malcolm said there was a fire in AKA's eyes that was hard to ignore. 

"He was performing and he was angry. He was hungry and very talented. I thought there was something in there and so I gave him a recording deal. It was his first recording deal. I knew even at 13 that he was going to be something."

Malcolm said he was proud of AKA's achievements, even if he felt the rapper was sometimes misunderstood.  

"You know, people say he is arrogant. But he is not arrogant to me. I support him and I always will," he added.

Besides nurturing young talent, Malcolm has been donating to old age homes, orphanages and care centres across the country for several years.

He said that he's been trying to secure land to build a centre that will take in all people but claimed his plans have so far been blocked by lengthy government processes and frequent questions over where he gets his money. 

"You are a suspect. They want to know why I want to build a shelter when there is already one in the area. But if you look at the one that is there, the taps are running dry, the lights are not functioning. They are dilapidated. Maybe they think that if you bring plans for a new structure, you will embarrass them. It is a struggle."