Can you believe someone told Naak Musiq he 'can't' sing?

Imagine if he actually listened to the naysayers. Jiso! We would not have AmaBenjamin or Ntombi!

16 August 2018 - 13:06 By Chrizelda Kekana
Naak Musiq aka Anga Makubalo was told he's not "cut out" for the art industry.
Naak Musiq aka Anga Makubalo was told he's not "cut out" for the art industry.
Image: Via Instagram

Thank goodness Anga Makubalo aka Naak Musiq's confidence is on a 100 and he's always believed in himself because some of his so-called  'friends' discouraged him from singing.

The actor and musician has not only gifted Mzansi with hits such as Mamelani, Call Out and most recently Ntombi, where he features Bucie, but has simultaneously shown off his acting skills in popular productions such Generations, Isidingo and iGazi.

This should be proof that he has talent in bucket loads right? 

Taking a trip down memory lane the rapper said he was glad he persevered despite critics saying he's "not cut out for the arts". 

Another loyal fan popped onto Anga's timeline to share the story behind it.

It turns out, Anga was friends with a few music gurus, who owned a successful record label and they refused to sign him on the basis that he couldn't sing.

Anga also spoke about his come up and how he's kept his brand relevant in the industry during an interview with Afternoon Express. 

"It's been tricky because the Twitter streets are quite cruel. In the beginning they just said 'Ag, he's just one of those one hit wonders, just one of those actors that think they can sing.'"

Anga said that even when he started on Generations people doubted his acting skills. He said that sticking his guns and improving at his art worked out in his favour because fast forward to 2018, people know he wasn't taking chances with either music or acting.

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