Zola Hashatsi blasts celebs who 'came to be famous' at ProKid’s memorial

17 August 2018 - 10:57 By Kyle Zeeman
Zola Hashatsi says that we need to appreciate our local artists more.
Zola Hashatsi says that we need to appreciate our local artists more.
Image: Via Zola's Instagram

Former Craze presenter and Rhythm City actor Zola Hashatsi is heartbroken over the death of his friend ProKid and has slammed celebs, who he claimed didn't care enough to check up on the star regularly, but showed up at his memorial to be famous.

As mourners left a packed Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg on Thursday at the end of a memorial service for the late hip-hop icon, Zola took to Instagram to get a few things off his chest.

He said it was an emotional day and thanked fans for coming to the service, before roasting celebs who were there to make it about themselves.

"Can we learn to take care and celebrate each other when we are still alive and can celebrities stop coming to be famous at these gatherings. It's not about you," he wrote.

He then asked how many of ProKid's so-called famous friends had even been in touch with the star before his death.

"Half of you in this building, when was the last time you spoke to Linda? I'm pissed," Zola added.

It was a question that surfaced shortly after ProKid's death last week, with many claiming more should have been done to honour the muso before his death.

At the memorial those close to ProKid admitted that he had not been given his dues after giving so much to the industry.