IN MEMES | OPW makoti waited 14 years for her hubby to return

"It could never be us," said most of Twitter.

20 August 2018 - 09:47 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mapula and Tshepho got married on Our Perfect Wedding.
Mapula and Tshepho got married on Our Perfect Wedding.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic

Mapula and Tshepho asked OPW to  document their wedding and the start of the second chapter of their love story. This after they got married but were separated for 14 years when Tshepho relocated to Dubai.

Twitter was in shock after it was revealed that Mapula waited for Tshepho for over a decade raising his children alone, while he was busy "living his best life" in Dubai.

Mapula spent 14 whole years as a single woman and mother, only for Tshepho to return and ask her to marry him, just months later. 

Meanwhile, Twitter was still stuck on the fact that he was gone for 14 years because  firstly...

 - We don't even wait for the microwave to get to 14 seconds when we reheat our lunch.

 - Waiting for a text reply on WhatsApp for more than 14 minutes, means the relationship is in ICU.

 - Screw 14 days, 14 minutes of the silent treatment from bae qualifies as a breakup.

The memes were hilarious.

Meanwhile makoti showed the world why uBrother came back after 14 years!