K.O sets the record straight on claims that he's always 'playing the victim'

Just because man embraces his L's doesn't mean he likes playing "the victim" guys.

20 August 2018 - 11:25 By Chrizelda Kekana
K.O set the record straight after tweep said he "likes" to play the victim.
K.O set the record straight after tweep said he "likes" to play the victim.
Image: Via Instagram

Rapper K.O has come out to set the record straight after a tweep accused him of always playing the victim to "sell" his music and brand.

The rapper was on Twitter minding his own when a tweep said he couldn't understand how most of K.O's songs were slept on, especially Korruption and Don Dada. The rapper responded to the person, explaining his disappointment and that he has since used it to push himself harder. 

"(I) was disappointed by that but am still using it as motivation, gotta continue pushing myself. It’ll all make sense in the very near future."

But another tweep interpreted K.O's tweet as a "sympathy seeking" tactic and went on to call the rapper out for playing the victim.

The tweep said K.O's singles were slept on because of him. He implied that if K.O had done a better job of marketing the songs, they would have been big.

"You see! Again you're playing victim here. You released both those singles nicely and had to release an album thereafter, remember? And then you wrote a long paragraph trying to explain why you won’t release the album anymore and you started all over. You slept on them, not us," wrote the tweep.

K.O wasn't going to let the tweep reduce him to a "victim", so he set him back in line.

The rapper explained that while he's taken a couple of L's and has had a rough 2016, he's bagged life lessons, which make him bigger and better.

"Lol playing victim? Relax fam... 2016 was a turbulent time, I took an L (not dwelling on that either), had to retreat and gather myself first which equals lessons learned.  (The) rebuilding resumed in 2017 and we are still here pressing forward. This is my path I just gotta," K.O wrote.

That's the spirit K.O.

Keep on, keepin' on!