Dr Malinga hits back at 'too sexual' comments over his dance video

23 August 2018 - 12:44 By Chrizelda Kekana
Dr Malinga has addressed criticism over a recent performance.
Dr Malinga has addressed criticism over a recent performance.
Image: Via Instagram/Dr Malinga

Dr Malinga has come out to strongly defend one of his performance videos, which has been labeled "too sexual" on social media. 

The Akulaleki hitmaker said the dance wasn't sexual but sexy, and that people needed to understand the difference.

In the video, which has since gone viral Dr Malinga could be seen dancing seductively with an unknown woman who had her legs wrapped around him. 

Dr Malinga told TshisaLIVE that he believes the video was not inappropriate and that people shouldn't make everything sexual. 

"That dance is sexy, not sexual. I don't know why people would say it was sexual. That was their thinking not mine. Yes, it was a sexy dance move but it wasn't 'dirty' or whatever people are saying, it's a dance move that is done all over Africa. We are sexy people and we have sexy dance moves."


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Malinga explained that in the performance which has caused such a stir he invited people to dance with him on stage and the young lady volunteered. He said with her consent, they did the dance move together and had fun. 

"The young lady was part of the crowd and when I invited people to come dance on stage, she came to us. She made her way to the stage. She was over 18 too and saw no problem with the dance moves. We were all just happy and enjoying the music, she wasn't the only one that shared the stage with us."

The type of dance Dr Malinga did is popular in other African countries like Nigeria. Dr Malinga said African people expressed themselves in dance and that it was common for dancers to involve some waist movement. 

"There are only a few African dance moves that don't involve the waist. We love shaking our bodies and showing off our rhythm and what our mama gave us. It's an African thing, people mustn't come here and want to make our dance look 'dirty'."

Well... alright then... y'all heard the man, get you mind out of the gutter. Okay?