Hands off Ayanda Ncwane! - Manaka Ranaka defends Sfiso's widow

Here are three reasons the streets have criticised Ayanda.

28 August 2018 - 14:16
By Kyle Zeeman
Manaka Ranaka says Ayanda Ncwane doesn't owe anyone an explanation about her life.
Image: Instagram/ Manaka Ranaka/ Ayanda Ncwane Manaka Ranaka says Ayanda Ncwane doesn't owe anyone an explanation about her life.

Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka has hit back at the wave of criticism against Ayanda Ncwane, telling haters that the late gospel star's widow doesn't owe anyone an explanation about how she lives her life.

It has been nearly two years since Ayanda buried her famous husband, Sfiso but she has found herself hogging headlines and Twitter feeds over the last few weeks with rumours about her private life and business decisions.

Rumour one: She gave Sfiso's clothes away

Ayanda angered trolls when one of the artists signed to her and Sfiso's record label was spotted sporting a similar tracksuit to one made famous by the couple. The rumour mill was soon churning out claims that she had given the man Sfiso's clothing. A claim she later denied.

Rumour two: She has a new bae

Around the same time, it was rumoured that Ayanda and the muso had more than a working relationship. He denied this and referred to Ayanda as his big sister but that didn't stop some tweeps from claiming that the widow had moved on.

Rumour three: She's ruining Sfiso's company by pushing the wrong talent

Ayanda has tried to keep Sfiso's legacy alive by investing in new talent and concerts to promote them. But some fans have raised concern that she seemed to focus all her energy on one group, which they claim aren't that good anyway, while neglecting other talent.

Manaka was gatvol of people always slamming Ayanda and took to social media on Monday to warn the haters to keep their hands off her.

She posted a image with the words: "Bathi Ayanda Ncwane must explain. Explain what exactly? What makes you think you deserve an explanation? #HandsOffAyanda". 

Manaka went on to claim that it was wrong for society to tell Ayanda how she should live her life.

"A sick society will have too many rules and regulations for a woman and expect us to comply. Who lied to you and told you we gonna comply? Kudlaliwe ngani shame."

She was joined in her fight by Ann Malinga, the widow of late music producer Robbie Malinga who labelled society's expectations as "absolute rubbish".