Emtee: People who hate me, don’t know me

29 August 2018 - 11:51 By Kyle Zeeman
Emtee has addressed the haters.
Emtee has addressed the haters.
Image: Via Emtee

Ever since Emtee returned to the spotlight earlier this month he has been laying low where clapbacks are concerned but lost his cool with haters on Tuesday, telling them  they only hate him because they don't know him.

The star has been preaching peace, love and good vibes after returning to the Twitter streets following an incident where he "fell" on stage amidst claims that he seemed disorientated.  

But the streets are still gunning for him and the rapper took to Twitter to try to shut them down all at once.

A short while later he tackled a hater head-on and asked the tweep if they had a problem with him.

While some fans stood behind their hero, others called BS on Emtee's statement and dragged in his love of alcoholic drink lean and his past attitude to fans.