Moonchild on breakout gig: I told my folks I was buying fabric at the shops

29 August 2018 - 13:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Moonchild reflects on her come up.
Moonchild reflects on her come up.
Image: Instagram/ Moonchild

Moonchild Sanelly had to put in the hours to make sure she succeeded in the music industry and once even told her parents she was going to buy fabric at the shops when she was actually at a performance.  

The muso told presenters on YFM's Up Close and Personal show that she often used to sneak out of fashion school to do poetry or sing at competitions. She even took her extra mural over into the weekends where she caught the eye of Gagasi FM's King Sfiso in 2016.

"I was at home and I said I was going to buy fabric... there was a hip-hop show happening. (I) found the show and got the mic and did it, (it was my) first time performing and it was crazy!"

Moonchild said she was warned about the music industry being filled with drugs and when she finally told her parents about the breakout gig, they were shocked. 

Her star has been on the rise ever since and after performing on Midnight Starring, she went into superstar mode.

In fact, she told TshisaLIVE earlier this year that she was often mobbed by fans and needed to wear a disguise when she goes out.

"I have a bread buying wig now that I wear sometimes. If I want to go out, to the bank or to the shop, I have to wear it," she revealed.

She has also long outgrown the small stages of hip-hop competitions and is currently in Europe performing across the continent and recording an album.

"I want to be a global artist. I want to be everywhere. I don't want to be a South African artist that visits overseas and competes on the local charts. I'm here to compete on the Billboards, man," she said ahead of the tour.