Screw the 'kill them with silence & smiles' policy - Bonang Matheba loses her cool

'Floats like a butterfly, stings like B*' this a new era of Bonang Matheba?

29 August 2018 - 10:23 By Chrizelda Kekana
Bonang Matheba is no longer holding back from firing shots at people that come for her on social media.
Bonang Matheba is no longer holding back from firing shots at people that come for her on social media.
Image: Instagram/Bonang Matheba

For more than a decade Bonang Matheba has tackled social media trolls with grace and a firm "kill them with a smile and silence" policy, but it seems like the tide has turned. 

On Tuesday night Mzansi was introduced to a new side of Queen B as she went into super saiyan mode.

With over five million followers on both Twitter and Instagram, Bonang is one of the most followed celebrities in Mzansi. 

But along with the massive amount of love she gets, B also receives equal amounts of criticism and hate.  

Even though several other celebs have long since adopted a zero tolerance approach to trolls, Bonang has been known to 'block and move on'. 

She has even been nicknamed 'Blockang' on the Twitter streets. However, that strategy seems to be a thing of the past because over the past month or so Bonang has been clapping back pretty hard at some of the hate hurled at her. 

On Tuesday night things reached a boiling point as Bonang and blogger Phil Mphela went head-to-head in an explosive twar. 

It all started after Phil shared his opinions over reports that Bonang is allegedly taking legal action against Sunday World over a 'tax fraud' article. 

Exhibit A.

In an interview with Azania on Real Talk earlier this year Bonang said she's grown more confidence to call out trolls on social media.

B said that she often chose to remain silent but isn't shy to remind tweeps who she is.  

Well, when Moghel went in for Phil on Tuesday night she definitely didn't hold back. The explosive exchange had Bonang's 3-million Twitter followers grabbing the popcorn. 

Phil didn't take Bonang's insulting comments lying down either and hit back just as hard. 

Exhibit B,C, D: 

After Phil threatened to spill the tea on what happened at Sun City in 2012...Bonang, her "minions" and the rest of Mzansi have been waiting in anticipation. 

This has resulted in Phil and Sun City topping the Twitter trends list for hours now. 

We don't know if B will go back to her mantra: "They have to talk about you. Because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens." - Bonang Matheba". 

But ok'salayo we will be right here (on the TL) waiting...