'Was it worth it?'- Rhythm City's Zola Hashatsi slams Soweto looting

30 August 2018 - 08:47 By Kyle Zeeman
Actor Zola Hashatsi claimed those who make say foreigners are stealing our jobs are "lazy".
Actor Zola Hashatsi claimed those who make say foreigners are stealing our jobs are "lazy".
Image: Instagram/ Zola Hashatsi

Former Rhythm City actor Zola Hashatsi has added his voice to outrage over looting of foreign-owned shops in White City, Soweto on Wednesday questioning whether it was worth the protests when people died.

Community members took to the streets in protest against expired and counterfeit food items. The protests turned violent and led to the looting of foreign nationals’ shops. 

Three people were killed and at least one more rushed to hospital for a gunshot wound‚" Colonel Brenda Muridili said in a statement to TimesLIVE on Wednesday.

The violent incidents have sparked outrage after footage was shown on TV and social media.

Zola shared images of the devastation on Instagram and slammed protestors. 

"Just got to Soweto and it's crazy, I love my black folks but this is not on, they have burned and looted most Pakistani shops, I hear that they want them gone because the food they selling is toxic but why are they looting the same food and beating and killing folks. Vuka, usapane darkie."

He also labelled those who claimed foreigners were taking their jobs as "lazy".

"I love my black people but looting is down right wrong and beating up people for what's rightfully theirs is wrong. Don't give me that mack sh*t on how foreigners are taking your jobs y'all are downright lazy qha."

Posting a picture of a dead body outside a home, Zola questioned whether it was worth the bloodshed

"Was it worth it? At the end of the day there is a family that is now mourning," he added.

Police spokesperson Colonel Brenda Muridili said at least 27 people have been arrested. Police also confiscated two unlicensed firearms following the protests.