LISTEN | Eminem dropped a surprise album & here's 4 songs you need to listen to first

Fans across the globe are losing their minds!

31 August 2018 - 09:23 By Kyle Zeeman
Eminem dropped a new album on Friday.
Eminem dropped a new album on Friday.
Image: Vevo/ Eminem

Veteran rapper Eminem just dropped a Kamikaze bomb on the game with a surprise album release on Friday, and fans across the globe are raving about it. 

The album, called Kamikaze was released in the early hours of Friday morning and follows 2017's Revival. It immediately raced up the Twitter trends lists worldwide.

Local fans were still digesting Boity Thulo's rap debut single when it dropped and were quick to warm up their Twitter fingers again to share their thoughts on Em's new album.

With 13 tracks and just under 46 minutes, the album is a meal to listen to.

Although fans were torn on their favourite tracks, here are just 4 that the streets agree you should be listening to first.

The Ringer

Killer line: "Lil Pump, Lil Xan Imitate Lil Wayne I should aim at everybody in the game pick a name."

The first track on the album opens with the sound of a bomber crashing into its target and it's chaos from there.

Eminem uses the track to slam "trash" new artists like Lil Yachty and Lil Pump and others.


Killer line: "Get Earl the hooded sweater, whatever his name is to help you put together some words, more than two letters".

Eminem used the song following his title track to take shots at Tyler, The Creator and the Odd Future crew. 

Lucky You

Killer line: "Like anyone has the f*cking ability to even stick to a subject, it's killing me...We just make a bunch of songs about nothing and mumble. This sh*t is a circus."

If you been sleeping on Joyner Lucas it is time to wake up. The guy is pure flames and all those claims that he was in the same league as Eminem was finally settled when  the pair jumped on a song together. Em also uses the occasion to take shots at trap.


Killer line: "I probably ruined your parent's life and your childhood too, because if I'm the music that you grew up on I'm responsible for you retarded fools."

Eminem contributed a single to the upcoming Venom film and included it at the end of the album. The jury is still out on whether it is any good but worth a listen just because of the hype around the film.