IN MEMES | Twitter can't wrap their heads around Harriet's foul mouth

The Queen's Harriet low-key loves swearing but it always surprises Twitter.

04 September 2018 - 10:11 By Chrizelda Kekana
Connie Ferguson plays Harriet Khoza in The Queen.
Connie Ferguson plays Harriet Khoza in The Queen.
Image: Instagram/Ferguson Films

Three seasons later and fans of The Queen still can't wrap their heads around Harriet Khoza using swear words in her speech and every time she does they have hilarious reactions.

By now, viewers of the telenovela know that Harriet is no saint and that under the classy, rich woman there's a very ghetto mama always ready to pull out a gun and show people her true colours.

Last night when s**t was about to go down, Harriet completely forgot about her classy businesswoman act and chucked out a swear word so swiftly that Twitter couldn't even believe it. It looks like the collaboration between the Khoza's and the Mabuza's isn't going to get very far and the tension is about to break.

Twitter was still shook by the fact that Harriet said "ma**pa" (sh*t) though and the reactions were funny AF.