LOL! Nasty C, the streets have decided it's strings and 'blings'

Rapper tries to set the record straight but nobody is listening

04 September 2018 - 11:03 By Kyle Zeeman
Nasty C says it is 'bling', not 'blings'.
Nasty C says it is 'bling', not 'blings'.
Image: Via Nasty Instagram

So, remember how Nasty C released that fire album of his called Strings and Bling? Well fans have decided that it is actually called 'Strings and Blings', this despite Nasty C trying to show them the right way.

The rapper caused a commotion on social media on Tuesday when he took to Twitter to correct fans about adding  the unnecessary S at the end of the title, claiming they were "being annoying".

The rapper was probably just tweeting in jest but his fans were dead serious about putting him straight and even brushed up on their Photoshop skills to prove their idol was wrong. 

Nevermind the S, some people have BEEN butchering the name with their own gift of tongues.

Nasty took it all in his stride and even responded to some of the comments with emojis showing his "anger".

All we know is the Twitter streets remain undefeated. Yoh! Yáll like to play...