Kanye West addresses Drake - Twitter goes berserk

05 September 2018 - 11:57
By Karishma Thakurdin
Kanye West cleared the air in his tweets to Drake.
Image: Via Getty Images/ Prince Williams/Wireimage (Drake) Gallo Images / Sowetan / Mohau Mofokeng (Kanye West) Kanye West cleared the air in his tweets to Drake.

It seems like Kanye West is finally ready to bury the long-standing beef between him and Drake. 

Kanye sent the internet into a complete meltdown on Wednesday morning when he shared a thread of tweets addressing Drake. 

Kanye started off by sending "good energy" to Drake, his family and crew. 

He also apologised for hijacking Drake's release date, which seemingly reignited the feud between them. 

Kanye also weighed in on the Drake and Pusha T twar that dominated headlines across the globe earlier this year. 

The beef between Drake and Pusha T isn't new but it reared its head again when Pusha took shots at Drake in one of his new songs. The In My Feelings hitmaker responded to Pusha T's shots with a diss track titled Duppy Freestyle

Just when everyone thought Pusha T had been silenced he returned with a stinging diss track, The Story of Adidonis which took aim at Drake's mom, ex-girlfriends and an alleged "illegitimate son" with an ex-porn star who Drake was hiding. 

Kanye who is Pusha T's producer said he should not have been involved in any tracks that directed negativity towards Drake. 

Drake is yet to respond to Kanye's tweets but fans across the globe are losing their minds, which has resulted in Kanye topping the trends list.