Nasty C: Eminem, Nas & J. Cole's albums aren't better than mine

There's only one big international album this year that competes

05 September 2018 - 12:50
By Kyle Zeeman
Nasty C is competing with international artists.
Image: Instagram/ Nasty C Nasty C is competing with international artists.

Nasty C was quarter to starting World War 3 on Tuesday when he told fans that his album Strings and Bling was better than most global hip-hop albums released this year and name checked Eminem, Nas and J. Cole.

Nasty C entered a debate in the comments section of his Instagram account on Tuesday about the best hip-hop albums in the world at the moment and shut down arguments about the three rappers' albums by saying his was better than all of them.

But there is one album the boy claims does compete with his: Drake's Scorpion

"Only Scorpion competes. I'm a fan of Em, Cole and Nas but their albums aren't better than mine. Put status aside," he wrote.

Cue mass hysteria and more shots than a PSL game.

Nasty C's comment alone drew over 200 responses, with some even suggesting he start dissing foreign artists in his raps to show them his level.

"Whu big boy talk! Own it king' wrote one fan, while another called it a "truth people are reluctant to accept."

Nasty C stans even suggested their idol was wrong to even include Drake and said Strings and Bling was loads better.

This is not the first time Nasty C has flexed on international artists. In 2016 young king claimed his mixtape was better than Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo.

The rapper trended that day as the Twitter firing squad came out guns blazing and told him to stay in his lane.

He later told Slikour he was not playing games.

“Kanye West’s album is dope but I think he is a little too creative. I feel like my album is sounding better,” he explained.