LootLove is savage: 'You speak like a man with a minimised p**is'

06 September 2018 - 11:45 By Karishma Thakurdin
LootLove has no time to entertain trolls.
LootLove has no time to entertain trolls.
Image: Instagram/Luthando Shosha

Before you think about strolling onto LootLove's social media pages with negativity, you best have an armour of steel on because her clap backs are beyond savage. 

Everyone knows that LootLove doesn't play games, but one tweep felt brave on Wednesday night. 

LootLove was minding her own business and decided to celebrate the hype Boity's track Wuz Dat has caused. 

We're not sure what the tweep was think but he strolled along and criticised LootLove's height. 

"We are not shocked about Boity we are just shocked about how tall you are. Minimise your length," the person said in a now deleted tweet. 

LootLove obviously didn't take the comment lightly and fired back with full steam. 

The tweep be like...