WATCH | So... what does Oscar Pistorius' crime have to do with apartheid?

The director of the much-anticipated Oscar Pistorius docuseries believes the athlete's story has a link to SA's transition from apartheid to rainbow nation.

06 September 2018 - 12:08 By Chrizelda Kekana
Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar Pistorius.
Image: Hannah Johnston

Pistorius, a four-part documentary series based on Oscar Pistorius’ rise to worldwide stardom and his fall from grace after the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013 is set to be released on Amazon Prime on Thursday. 

Director Vaughan Sivell told Screen Daily that Oscar's story and SA's progress as a rainbow nation was intertwined. 

"Modern South Africa, the country, and Oscar Pistorius were born a few years apart. One became the rainbow nation and one became the Blade Runner. And then suddenly the country and the man’s world had collided, with his arrest and trial. This seemed like a great thing to explore as a movie," he said.

Vaughn told The Hindu that Oscar achieved so much despite his challenges and SA became a rainbow nation. 

"Then you jump forward to a point in history where Oscar is on trial and somewhere his defence team blames the state of South Africa where crime is so high that a rich, white man hears a bang in the night, grabs his gun and shoots. The history of the country and the history of the man sort of collided at that point," he added. 

Oscar shot his girlfriend, Reeva in the early hours of Valentine's Day in 2013 when he fired four times through the door of his toilet - an act‚ Oscar has maintained came from mistaking her for a burglar.

In December 2017 the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) approached the Supreme Court of Appeal to overturn Oscar's six-year prison sentence, arguing that it was "shockingly low". 

The SCA extended the sentence to 13 years. 

According to TimesLIVE prosecutor Andrea Johnston argued that the disgraced athlete did not show remorse and had not told the Pretoria High Court why he had shot Reeva.

"He should have taken the court into his confidence and said‚ ‘This is why I did it’. With nothing more‚ there is no gut-wrenching remorse."

Watch the official trailer below: