Nomsa Mazwai chats about being compared to her sisters, motherhood & music

07 September 2018 - 06:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Nomsa Mazwai aka Nomisupasta has mastered the art of being herself despite numerous comparisons to her sisters.
Image: Instagram/Nomisupasta Nomsa Mazwai aka Nomisupasta has mastered the art of being herself despite numerous comparisons to her sisters.

Despite being born into a family of stars, Nomsa Mazwai aka Nomisupasta has built her own empire with ease and has told TshisaLIVE it all stems from knowing that her sisters' light doesn't dim her own.

Born from parents that hold their own in South African history, Nomsa and her sisters Thandiswa and Ntsiki are all talented and living life in the spotlight. On many occasions their music, voices and styles have been pinned against each other.

However, Nomisupasta believes her star power lies in her uniqueness. We also quizzed her about life and being a new mommy to her baby girl Belede.

How would describe your sound?

Fresh, new, fun jazz pop dance new age. 

Tell us about your two latest singles, what they mean to you and the headspace you were in when you recorded them?

The first single You Are is an ode to my daughter. An ode that is a testament to the insight she gave me in the true meaning of life and love

Losing Myself is my new Maybe I. In Maybe I I sang about being brave enough to make a move, to accept life and love when it takes you.

Losing Myself is not very different from that thought process, it just means that I am freer and lose myself through my music. Not surprising as this is my eternal mantra of love, 'when it comes, let it in and enjoy it!

A lot of things have changed since your last musical offering, does that come through in the music?

Yes. I'm mature, I am happy, I am fulfilled. You can hear it and you can understand it from the lyrics too.

How has motherhood been treating you?

Oh my word, where does one even begin - it is treating me like I was born to do it. Mothering this beautiful soul is truly completing me. I am whole. All of a sudden life makes sense.

What has being a mom made you realise about yourself that you previously wasn't aware of?

That I am able to fulfill this task that God and the universe has trusted me with. I am responsible for a life. She is my life.

You are one of the Mazwai's, does that give you pressure in your music?

Not at all. Because she (Belede) was, I know I am!

Your music has been compared to your sisters' music? What do you think of that?

All the time. I don't pay it much mind. People like comparing, so comparing us sisters is not bizarre.

Who inspires you in the art space?

My feelings, the politics of the day and artists like Little Dragon, Sho Majozi, Amanda Black, Thandiswa Mazwai, Ntsiki Mazwai, Xander Pratt, Escher, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Lauryn Hill the list is endless. Inspiration is almost everywhere.

You've also spoken about your family dynamics, who are closest to?

I'm close to all my family in different ways. Like with Thandiswa for growth, security and guidance, Ntsiki for integrity and honesty, Thandeka for sense, I could go on and on.