Twitter zones in on Lady Zamar's Idols SA outfit. Again!

10 September 2018 - 10:02 By Karishma Thakurdin
Lady Zamar was ripped to shreds for her blue jumpsuit on Sunday night.
Lady Zamar was ripped to shreds for her blue jumpsuit on Sunday night.
Image: Twitter/Idols SA

Lady Zamar's "unique and avant-garde" fashion sense became the talk of the town once again when she performed at the Idols SA top 10 announcement on Sunday night. 

The Charlotte hitmaker hit the Twitter trends list moments after tweeps found out she was set to perform. 

Even though Lady Zamar's performance was totally on point that was overshadowed by the sheer, blue lace jumpsuit she wore. 

The singer's designer came under fire, with some tweeps calling for the person to be sacked. 

This isn't the first time Lady Zamar topped the trends list for her dress sense so it was like water off a duck's back. 

The songstress ignored the negativity and focused on the great time she had on the Idols SA stage. 

During an interview on YFM two weeks ago Lady Zamar said she wasn't going to change her style for people. 

"First of all, people need to stop dragging me for what I wear. Like, I am not going to dress the way you want me to. When it comes to performances, we will give them what they want. When it comes to public appearances, I will give you what you want. When I'm at home, doing my thing, it's not your place, you don't have a say. I don't have a say in what you wear," she said. 

Ya'll heard that Mzansi?