WATCH | Busiswa vs Nuz Queen: Kanti whose demon is this actually?

Queen Nuz explains her side of the story on the Laze Lavuka IDemon Lami song saga and the "gqom beef" with Busiswa.

12 September 2018 - 13:11 By Chrizelda Kekana
Nuz_Queen was dissed in Busiswa's song, now she says she's coming for her.
Nuz_Queen was dissed in Busiswa's song, now she says she's coming for her.
Image: Twitter/Nuz_Queen

The upcoming Nuz Queen has issued a warning shot to Busiswa who opened a can of worms when she used the new track titled Gagashe II to direct a diss at Nuz for allegedly stealing the hit song Laze Lavuka IDemon Lami.

Taking the chance to tell her side of the story on Metro FM Nuz Queen said the allegations against her were false and that she produced the song in question long before the Ed Harris crew. 

"In gqom we use similar materials. We all use fruit loops. I did a beat, I'm a producer. I produced the song then I saw on social media that there was a song and that it was  already done."

"I called him (Ed Harris) I said, I wanted to clarify that I have a similar song and that I didn't want them to go around saying I stole their song."

Nuz explained she recorded her song in Feb but held off on releasing it because it was an "unfinished project" but when she heard their version she wanted to make sure they knew she had the song first.

On a remix of Laze Lavuka IDemon Lami which features Busiswa, she threw some mean punches at Queen Nuz for allegedly stealing the track from Ed Harris. 

"Calling yourself a queen...what you is, is a trick,” Busiswa says in one of the lines on the song.

Nuz Queen clearly took offence at the lines and took shots at Busiswa.

"Busiswa is just grabbing on this opportunity because she doesn't have a song that's out and on at the moment. It's almost December and it's the festive, the heat is on and everyone is scrambling at the moment". 

Nuz Queen also issued a warning to Busiswa.

"Honey, you should think again, because you know you survive on left overs starting from iGobisiqolo with that boy Biiza. Okay? You ain't an artist to me honey but I'm coming for you, you should know that!". 

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