IN MEMES | Twitter's convinced The Queen's Jerry will never learn his lesson

The guy keeps chasing his sole heart-breaker but ke as'kho lapho.

14 September 2018 - 07:55 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in The Queen.
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in The Queen.
Image: Via Instagram

All Twitter could say after Thursday night's episode of The Queen was, "Ereng jealousy mo ngwaneng?". This after Jerry Maake went ahead and confronted Zack, who is Vee's new man.

As a policeman and a man who generally is bad at this feelings game Jerry hardly ever acts out on his feelings. But when he heard just how serious Vee and Zack were his jealousy got the better of him and he pinned it all on the suspicion that Zack is a "bad man".

*Well, he is kind of bad but that's beside the point now because for the first time in a while Vee is kinda happy.*

According to Jerry his sole reason for hating Zack is because he's a drug dealer!

But Twitter won't be fooled... they know the truth and had the memes to say it.