Khuzani Mpungose wants to 'defend' KZN music with 'Full Up Moses Mabhida' gig

I am not scared of anything, I am just not taking chances"

14 September 2018 - 11:54 By Kyle Zeeman
Khuzani Mpungose is confident of selling out Moses Mabhida later this year.
Khuzani Mpungose is confident of selling out Moses Mabhida later this year.
Image: Instagram/ Khuzani Mpungose

Award-winning Maskandi artist Khuzani Mpungose says he isn't looking to provoke rapper Cassper Nyovest when he attempts to "full up" Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban later this year, he just wants to defend KZN music's home ground.

Khuzani caused a social media storm this week when he kicked off a campaign to "full up" the venue after Cassper had announced his intentions earlier this year to do the same. He has not yet announced a date for the show and will meet with stadium managment next week to discuss details.

Khuzani said he purposely used the words "full up" after Cassper claimed to own the trademark to #FillUp and threatened legal action against anyone who used the phrase. An investigation by TshisaLIVE found that Cassper had applied but did not yet own the trademark.

"I was trying to avoid controversy between music genres. Cassper said he would take action against anyone who uses the term, so I came with something new to stay away from the controversy. We are not scared or afraid. We just don't want the controversy."

He denied that the similarities in the wording made it seem as if he was piggy backing off Cassper's idea to fill the stadium to capacity later this year. He suggested that instead of fighting everyone, Cassper should support artists inspired by his series of #FillUp concerts.

He admitted that he had the idea to fill the venue came after Cassper announced the date for his #FillUpMosesMabhidaStadium concert in June but said his own show came from wanting to defend his province.

"We are the artists of KwaZulu-Natal. So if an artist from another province says he wants to come fill up your stadium, you must react. It is our home ground and we are defending our province. It can't be that the province praises someone from another province but we are from here and we say we are famous or big artists here.

"KwaZulu-Natal is different to other places. Fans love Maskandi. No one can come and take all the credit from our province. This is not Johannesburg. This is not the North West. He will fill it up in his own way and we will fill it in our own way."

But hold up, Tsibipians! Khuzani said he is not looking for a fight, he just wants to defend KZN artists and get into some healthy competition.

"If I see that it is not healthy and people are fighting too much, I will decide what to do but I am not wanting to fight."