Sofa Slahlane | Would you date someone who works in a mortuary?

14 September 2018 - 08:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Thabo 'T bose' Mokwele is the host of 'Sofa Slahlane'.
Thabo 'T bose' Mokwele is the host of 'Sofa Slahlane'.
Image: Instagram/ T bose

While 'woke' Twitter will tell you that your job doesn't define you, that didn't stop the streets from being shooketh on level 100 when they met malume Madoda who works at a mortuary.

Madoda and his missus Ntswaki were featured on Moja Love's popular reality show, Sofa Slahlane on Thursday where malume opened up about his life as a mortician.

Madoda said that until he found Ntswaki the girls would look at him funny and run away when he pulled up in his hearse at their place.

But the couple are real goals and soon had fans of the show gushing over their love.

Of course, like most episodes of the series it sparked massive debate over whether you would take a job at a morgue or even date a mortician.

The streets were filled with memes and jokes in response.

Fans were also shooketh when they learnt that malume doesn't eat meat after seeing a dead body from a car crash.

But the debate was all good and well until people start bringing files and stories. That time it got super awkward, super quick.