LOL! The Megacy trashes AKA 'payola' insinuations with #AKApaidme

19 September 2018 - 12:27 By Chrizelda Kekana
AKA's fan base took to Twitter to defend him.
AKA's fan base took to Twitter to defend him.
Image: Instagram/AKA

There's never a dull day on the social media streets fam and on Tuesday night tweeps went into defence mode after they thought there where insinuations that AKA paid payola for his song to be number one on radios  and started the hashtag #AKAPaidMe.

Now if you live in SA then you know that AKA's hit track Fela In Versace is one of the biggest songs at the moment. In addition to that the song has not only been taking over iTunes charts, clubs and even weddings but it's been doing the most on radio.

It's also no secret that to get radio airplay in SA isn't always easy for artists to achieve. Since the release of Fela In Versace AKA has been living his best life on multiple radio stations as the number one song.

Meanwhile, other artists including Cassper Nyovest have insinuated that having a number one song on the radio is a product of payola.

The Megacy was not about to allow such things to be said about their Mega... not on their watch anyway.

So they went ahead and shared things AKA "paid them to do".