Khanyi Mbau sends troll running with 'you're a basic black person' clapback!

20 September 2018 - 10:51 By Chrizelda Kekana
Khanyi Mbau will continue to put people who attack her skin in place.
Khanyi Mbau will continue to put people who attack her skin in place.
Image: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau

After being called practically every name you can think of Khanyi Mbau's clapbacks have become equally as vicious as the criticism thrown at her. 

The actress, who has become synonymous with skin lightening and ambitions to resemble a doll posted a cool snap of her face next to an animated version of her face.

The snap was all sorts of cute to be honest but as always it also attracted those "Khanyi is taking this too far comments" and a few edited versions of the same picture where she was made to look "darker".

One tweep accused Khanyi of having underlying confidence issues, which didn't go down well at all.  

The tweep told Khanyi that she was a bad role model because she had a lot of "baggage" and a "low self esteem" that made her change herself.

Even though Khanyi has explained her reasons multiple times there are still people like these....

Khanyi really wasn't in the mood of such assumptions and didn't mince her words when she sent the tweep running.  

"Firstly we didn’t apply for role model positions. Secondly the future will have you as an example of what a basic black person used to look like!! We all do what our bank balances allow us to do and mine allows a bit more creativity…"

And it doesn't matter how many times she clapbacks, it stings each time!

That "basic black person" part.... shuuuu flames!