IN MEMES | Twitter can't trust Dennis not to go back to his abusive ways!

21 September 2018 - 09:27
By Chrizelda Kekana
Actor Clevy Sekgala plays Dennis on Skeem Saam
Image: Facebook/Clevy Sekgala Actor Clevy Sekgala plays Dennis on Skeem Saam

The recent Skeem Saam storyline that has seen Dennis staying in Mantuli's house after he's returned from jail for abusing Sthoko has sparked a debate about rehabilitation post prison but has also given Twitter anxiety on a 100!

While Dennis (played by Clevy Sekgala) is "acting" different since his return, Twitter is not buying his act. They can't believe or trust that Dennis is a changed man who will never lay a hand on Sthoko.

It doesn't help that viewers can already see how Dennis is isolating Sthoko and treating her different in private. They are just waiting for him to lose his cool and beat her to a pulp again.

That image of Sthoko is still too fresh for them and they just want Dennis to get a job an leave Mantuli's house.

Also how messy is it that your abusive ex-husband can come back to YOUR house after he went to jail for beating you up? It also makes things worse when he can just act like nothing ever happened, no apology and no remorse... niks!

What a wow!

Meanwhile, tweeps are also going through a Leshole and Big Boy withdrawal...