Yikes! Did Nadia Nakai's 'Yasss B*tch' snatch your wig? Twitter is split!

21 September 2018 - 11:13 By Chrizelda Kekana
Nakai Nadia dropped a new single called 'Yass B*tch'.
Nakai Nadia dropped a new single called 'Yass B*tch'.
Image: Instagram/Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai's new song Yass B*tch finally dropped on Friday, after all the hype Family Tree has been sprouting on the social media streets. But instead of the overwhelming yes they expected, fans are split right down to the middle on whether the song is trash or great.

The song, a follows up on Nadia's Naaa Meaan, is filled with savagery that's almost like the one Rihanna shares on her Anti album.

Have a listen to that new new below:

Nadia's bars and a couple of lines also got a few bad bads excited and ready to use them to go break some guy's heart. But the rest of the people (and there was a lot of them) were not impressed by her newest single.

So much so, they even claimed the song had put them off her upcoming album. They also questioned why she even bothered taking off her weave for the song.

Here are some of our favourite reactions.

While we here, can we just discuss the cover?

First of all, we ain't crazy about the background colours and misty looking multi-coloured dust.

But we are mos def here for her fresh face versus her beat face. Ain't no denying the woman is beautiful. And that pout on the right though, it might just be the rude side of Nadia everyone has been talking about.