Petronella talking about her bonus is hilarious

22 September 2018 - 09:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella on 'The Queen'.
Thembsie Matu plays Petronella on 'The Queen'.
Image: Via instagram

It's only two months and some change until Dezemba and everyone is getting ready for ama Christmas bonus, even Petronella.

Thembsie Matu, who plays the role of the popular outspoken domestic worker on The Queen, recently posted a video of herself with boss Shona Ferguson.

In the video she is seen hugging Shona and buttering him up.

"This is my boss, he pays my salary. I depend on him and his wife not Gracious, when you see me like this, that's why I breath so high." 

She went on to explain that he dishes out the bonuses and she gets three.

"He gives me bonus, in December and January," she said.

Check out the video.