Moonchild: I chose to not care what people think long ago

24 September 2018 - 08:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Moonchild has never been scared to live life her own way.
Image: Instagram/ Moonchild Moonchild has never been scared to live life her own way.

Moonchild Sanelly may get tongues wagging with her racy performances and her choice of clothing sometimes, but as she tells TshisaLIVE, she stopped giving a damn a long time ago.

The Midnight Starring hitmaker says that she is not really scared of anything, but still hires security to protect her when she is performing.

"With my aesthetic, it is very necessary to get security, because guys get really crazy when they see a naked woman on stage. They don't even hear what this lady is saying. And I am not going to get hot flashes because I am covered up and dressing for idiots."

She said that she's always been a free spirit but got to a point when she became a young adult that she really stopped caring what people thought about her.

"I chose to not care what people think long ago. It doesn't pay my bills and it doesn't make a difference in my life. I can't lose sleep over idiots."

She said that people think she is just a "booty girl" when she had loads of brains.

"People think that I am just a twerker. A twerker girl. I meet people and they go, 'I didn't know you had so much content, so much depth.' And I'm like 'Because I don't have to go around wearing a big banner telling everyone I have brains."

In fact, she's hoping to use her business brain to open an adult club to break stereotypes in black culture about sex.

"I want to make it normal for the black community, because you hardly see black people there... I want to kill the taboo idea of it because it's actually a very safe space. No one cares about your body shape and you can just walk around in your leotard or whatever you want and just be free. Not be violated," she told Metro FM earlier this year.