Forget everything! Brutus wants Gracious to #PayBackTheMoney

25 September 2018 - 08:18 By Kyle Zeeman
Themba Ndaba play the role of Brutus on 'The Queen'
Themba Ndaba play the role of Brutus on 'The Queen'
Image: Via Twitter/Ferguson Films

It may be payday for a lot of people but The Queen's Brutus is still out here looking for coins.

Malume didn't mince his words when he sat down with Harriet and Gracious on Monday night's episode. He wanted his money from the share he had given towards Mmbatho's ransom.

Brutus estimated that the sum was in the millions and wanted his coins now.

Gracious was shocked by the demand and started to protest that malume hadn't even given that much, only for Brutus to tell her he would not be played by a jezebel.

It was too much for the social media streets and tweeps howled with laughter. 

While some were still trying to pick themselves off the floor from laughter, others stumbled on the realisation that Gracious + Brutus = #LoveGoals

They were more than ready to set the two up.