Lady Zamar tries again with fashion range

27 September 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Lady Zamar has had to revise her fashion label plans.
Lady Zamar has had to revise her fashion label plans.
Image: Instagram/ Lady Zamar

Musician and fashionista Lady Zamar has scrapped her plans to launch a fashion label, telling TshisaLIVE that her fashion fingers will soon make their mainstream debut in an upcoming collaboration.

Lady Zamar has been dominating the radio charts with her hits but has often also taken over the trends list with her fashion decisions. 

She decided to launch a fashion range and revealing the plans to TshisaLIVE for Pin Naple late last year but has since had to return to the drawing board with the idea.

"There is a part of it that people will still be exposed to but for the most part there has been a change in business direction. I am a businesswoman and if I feel that something is not going to work, I will redirect it. I am working on clothing projects that may take a while for me to reveal but it will be worth it." 

She said even the name of the label has changed in the refocus as she tried to move towards something different than before.

Although she was tight-lipped about the collab she said that people would be surprised by it. She said that it would be as brave in its approach as she is.

"It takes a lot of courage to know that you might be ridiculed and still try be you. I think I have grown a thick skin and now I am feeling more confident in myself and who I am."

2018 was also the year that Lady Zamar was set to release her reality show, which she has been shooting for over a year but with three months left of the year still dololo.

She explained that time was to blame for the delays.

"I don't even have time. I don't even have time right now but as soon as I have, I will get back on to it. One day. I am not sure when, but one day it will come. SA must just hold their horses."