Twitter gets in on the Redi vs Gigaba twar… Guess whose side they're on?

27 September 2018 - 12:52 By Chrizelda Kekana
Malusi Gigaba and Redi Tlhabi threw words each other in a twar.
Malusi Gigaba and Redi Tlhabi threw words each other in a twar.
Image: Esa Alexander/Madelene Cronjé

Even the death of free Twitter could not keep social media users from weighing in on the explosive twar about visas between Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba and Redi Tlhabi.  

It all went down after Redi alleged that Gigaba amended the visa regulations on traveling with children because of a personal vendetta. Gigaba was obvs totally "insulted" by the suggestion and gave Redi an ultimatum to withdraw her statements or face a lawsuit.  

Redi insinuated on Tuesday that Gigaba was livid after a relative of his ex-wife had taken his child on holiday without his permission and the result of that anger was tighter laws.

As always Twitter was not necessarily interested in the politics and policies the pair were feuding over, instead they were just here for the drama.

It also seemed that Redi was undeterred by Gigaba's threats and even though she was told to "withdraw her statements and say sorry" she seemed ready to risk it all. 

Meanwhile the streets are just wildin' because it looks like this is Redi's reaction as it stands.

Here are some of the reactions. While people came in with supporting statements for Redi, most helped Gigaba saying Redi is low-key a "bully."