Malva pudding & Lady Zamar - That's what Raven Symoné loves about Mzansi so far!

03 October 2018 - 08:33 By Chrizelda Kekana
Raven Symoné said she loves Lady Zamar's music.
Raven Symoné said she loves Lady Zamar's music.

When we arrived at Montecasino to chat to That's So Raven star Raven Symoné, she was already taking selfies next to the Raven's Home banner and looked to be having the time of her life. And when we sat down to chat Raven confirmed that the Mzansi air had a lot  to do with her great mood.

Just before the press blitz on Tuesday Raven went to check out the caves at Maropeng and took a long walk along the famous Vilakazi Street in Soweto where she bought a lot of pressies for her Raven's Home cast and crew mates.

Raven also fell in love with our local dessert malva pudding. 

"I had the pudding... the malva pudding and lets just say this, I had to share it with someone and they had two bites. I like that when you cut it there's juice that comes out... What is that? The diabetes... I had it with custard and I had homemade ice cream. It topped off a great day yesterday and tonight I'm gonna try something new," she said.

Raven also said she was given a quick intro into the who's who of the Mzansi music industry and Lady Zamar immediately caught her ear.

"I learnt something this morning about (South African artists and music) from 5FM and I really loved this song by Lady.... Zamar! It was just beautiful." 

Raven said there's also another group from SA she loves that she learnt about from Kelly Osbourne but she couldn't remember their name though so the guessing game began.

Raven: I learnt about them from Kelly Osbourne, can't remember their names but they are a three person group.

Us: The Soil? Mafikizolo? Micasa? What do they sing? Do they sing acapella?

Raven: No. She said afro house or something... like their dress (style) is very (artistic) like collectable clothes.

Us: Ahhh must be Mafikizolo!

Raven: Yeah, I have my moments but I must say I like them. I really enjoy their music.

"I also heard of Prince Kaybee and his music. I like that as well, I like house music a lot!"

As a singer (and dance and visual art artist) herself Raven said she loved music for the escape and the freedom it offers her. 

That's So Raven, which many of us in Mzansi will remember because it used to air on SABC 1 (just before the news, which was great because if it clashed with the news some of us would never watch an episode).

A decade later Raven Baxter is a single mother to teenage twins and has moved in with her bestie of all time, Chelsea. 

Raven shared just how happy she was to grow as an actor but also to play other roles in the creation of the series where she produced and mentored young actors.

"I've been acting since I was 16-months-old and that's 30 years," the 32-year-old giggled.

"After awhile you need something new to kind of rejuvenate the love you have for the job you are in. So being able to be behind the scenes, being able to take on new responsibilities and being able to now portray an adult has been an interesting journey and I love it."

Raven's Home Season two will premiere on Disney Channels' DStv Channel 303 on October 8.