Mo Flava & Black Motion squash the 'beef'

08 October 2018 - 13:44
By Kyle Zeeman
Black Motion and Mo Flava have settled their differences.
Image: Instagram/ Black Motion/ Mo Flava Black Motion and Mo Flava have settled their differences.

Radio host Mo Flava has put aside his feud with Black Motion, giving them a public shoutout at a festival they were both performing at over the weekend.

The two acts became the talk of Mzansi late last week when an angry Mo Flava addressed their feud live on radio during Black Motion's interview on Metro FM's Breakfast show. 

They've been embroiled in a feud ever since Black Motion was 'no-show' at an event Mo Flava booked them for two years ago. Mo claimed he could not get in touch with Black Motion on the day, while the duo claimed they cancelled due to a traditional ceremony at home. 

Mo told DJ Fresh that he would not discuss the matter on air and that Black Motion could contact him directly to settle the dispute. Mo also denied that he ignored the duo when they reached out to him to discuss the feud. 

But there was no such shenanigans when the two acts were booked to perform after each other at a music festival in Ermelo on Sunday.

According to those at the festival, Mo gave the group a shoutout during his set and greeted them from the stage.

Mo also took to social media to tell fans he was going to speak to the group.

Fans of Mo Flava and Black Motion were quick to applaud their heroes on burying the hatchet and cheekily suggested that it may now lead to a possible collab.

If you missed the tea on Friday...give it a listen below.