Anele talks celeb beef: Celebs are just as insecure as you & me

09 October 2018 - 12:06 By Chrizelda Kekana
Anele Mdoda spoke about the realities of fame.
Anele Mdoda spoke about the realities of fame.
Image: Via Real Talk with Anele YouTube

The entertainment industry is like a small town where everyone knows everyone and that makes space for a lot of fake love and conflict, which often results in celebrity beef but for Anele Mdoda picking sides is her last resort.

The radio personality, who has been in the industry for over a decade shared on her Insta Stories that people often forget that celebrities are real human beings with real issues, hence they are able to have beefs.

However Anele made it clear that for her, she always gives the situation time and that she'll only choose sides when it was absolutely necessary.

"Celebrities are normal people with real insecurities and issues like less known people. I give it time and try not to pick sides until there is no other choice."

The former Real Talk host has never been one to get involved in other people's beefs, except for the one time when her sister Thembisa Mdoda went through  a very public break and Anele's allegiance was clear from the get go!

As far as her own beef's go... although this was never confirmed there was huge speculation of a feud between her and Bonang Matheba on the social media streets earlier this year when it was alleged in a Sunday paper that Anele refused to do an interview with Queen B on her afternoon talk show.

Anele squashed the reports saying she had extended several invites, which Queen B never honoured. However her beef with former colleague Flo Letoaba was definitely real back in 2017, as the pair have taken jabs at each other.