IN MEMES | Brutus asking Trevor to give Kea space left Twitter in stitches

09 October 2018 - 10:35 By Chrizelda Kekana
Brutus is very protective of Kea.
Brutus is very protective of Kea.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic's Twitter

When you've seen your children get hurt in relationships, as a parent you start to feel paranoid that every new person in their lives is looking to hurt them and Mzansi's favourite uncle was not about to let Kea fall into that trap again.

When the latest hottie on The Queen, Trevor (played by Bohang Moeko) started making eyes at Kea, Brutus had the brilliant mind to help put some distance between their bodies and Twitter was dead with laughter at his method of doing things.

In addition to the half-insult/half joke comments he made, Brutus also sang a song and went as far as literally standing between them because he wasn't about to let that chemistry develop any further.

In his defence, at this stage no one really knows what this Trevor guy is all about and after Tebogo... Brutus has every right to go all psycho uncle on Trevor and for viewers he provided some comic relief and they loved it!