Riky Rick hits back at hater calling him gay

09 October 2018 - 13:01 By Kyle Zeeman
Riky Rick taught the troll a lesson.
Riky Rick taught the troll a lesson.
Image: Instagram/ Riky Rick

Celebs know it is often better to ignore trolls but when Riky Rick was criticised for liking a picture of another man and was asked if he was gay, he had to take the hater to school for some lessons in manners and respect.

The Boss Zonke star is known for having a keen eye for fashion, a trait that has often seen him being dragged on social media for trying new designs and style.

So it was no surprise when he shared a snap of a model in an outfit he admired. Riky double tapped and wrote on Twitter that the look was "beautiful".

But dude was not ready for a flood of reactions, mostly good and some bad.

Among those left confused by Riky's comment was a hater who asked how the star could call another man beautiful and asked if he was gay.

Riky hit back with a stinging klap that left the hater dizzy.

Fans were shooketh by the reaction especially the truths of being left behind if you don't wise up.

That time Riky's shop was closed for business and he didn't even entertain the troll when he claimed he would be left behind like hip-hop had left Riky.

Riky has previously had to fight off similar comments after a photoshoot with Destiny Man where he was dressed in traditional African gear.

"We need to open our minds people. To be called gay for wearing something that has been there since the beginning of black culture is a bad sign of where we are as a people," he wrote on Instagram.

He said that too many people were stuck in ignorance.

"For some of those who don't know any better, you can still learn. But some of you have learnt and have no excuse to share such a high level of ignorance. Open your mind black people before it's too late."