SK Khoza apologises to fans after being dragged for being 'rude'

09 October 2018 - 15:04 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actor SK Khoza said he would intentionally be rude to his fans.
Actor SK Khoza said he would intentionally be rude to his fans.
Image: Instagram/SK Khoza

The Queen actor, SK Khoza took to his social media to apologise and offer an explanation for snubbing adoring fans who bombarded him for selfies, explaining that just like any human being he has off-days .

The actor, who felt the need to do away with the thought that he thinks he's "all that" and acts brand new for his supporters, took to Twitter to address his fans after one of them called him out.

The fan tagged him and said not only did he refuse to take a picture with her, he was rude about it.

But SK said he had no intention of being rude, he was just in a bad space, because he had just buried a family member.

SK explained that fans have to consider that celebs are human and therefore also have bad days where they don't think about accommodating their fans.

But he dismissed the idea that he is "just like all these other local celebrities" who treat their fans like dirt.

Some of his other fans jumped to his defense, saying they have had nothing but great experiences with the actor who is apparently almost always nice to meet in real life.