WATCH | Dudes fight on TV over R5k - Moja Love reality show Rea Tsotella is lit AF!

09 October 2018 - 10:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Jovis and Sihle fought over money for a plasma TV.
Jovis and Sihle fought over money for a plasma TV.
Image: Twitter/ Moja Love

Jovis and his friend Sihle made TV shake and left viewers in shock this week when they came to blows on Moja Love's conflict resolution reality show Rea Tsotella.

The beef between the two started three years ago when Jovis apparently gave Sihle money to get him a plasma TV, only to return empty handed.

The pair have been taking shots at each other ever since and decided to go on the show to sort out their ish. But viewers, and the studio audience, were shooketh when  they started slapping each other and then got into a scuffle.

It was some Khabib and McGregor vibes up in the studio. 


Still the people were in a mess trying to deal with all the drama and were quick to weigh in on social media with who was right and who was petty.

Others were defeated by the audience who were killing themselves at the drama on stage.

The drama will continue next week when weaves are literally being snatched when that girl from Uyang'Thanda Na will appear on the show amidst a cheating scandal. 

We might need a minute to compose ourselve.