WATCH | 3 reasons why The Queens Kagiso is one TV badass!

10 October 2018 - 09:22 By Kyle Zeeman
Loyiso McDonald plays the role of Kagiso on 'The Queen'.
Loyiso McDonald plays the role of Kagiso on 'The Queen'.
Image: Supplied/ Loyiso McDonald

The Queen's Kagiso may be the single reason why no one has yet invaded Mzansi or started a war against us, the dude is a monster and one heck of a badass!

Kagiso was doing the most on the show this week, even heading out with Trevor like a two-person army ready to take over the world in their search for his bae Kamina.

The search seemed to come to a dead-end for now, even after Kagiso confronted Harriet about her role in Kamina's disappearance.

And while the action hasn't stopped for even a little bit, the streets still can't deal with Kagiso and how #Goals he is.

Here are just three reasons why he wins badass of the year so far:

He knows how to kick butt! 

Malume is straight from the Chuck Norris academy of "don't mess with me"

He's flames! 

I mean, have you seen the guy?

But he has a softer side

I mean the man is a dad now!