Twitter calls for background checks on partners after shocking #Ufelani episode

11 October 2018 - 09:53 By Kyle Zeeman
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
Image: 123rf/ Siam Pukkato

Femicide was once again thrown into the spotlight on Wednesday when an episode of Moja Love's hard hitting docu-drama series Ufelani featured a story of a woman who was killed by her partner, drawing massive outcry on social media.

The series is centered around the lives of people who are victims of violent crimes and last night's episode documented the death of Popi who was shot dead by her suicidal boyfriend. After killing Popi the guy turned the gun on himself. 

Popi got into the toxic relationship after she went through a divorce and thought she had found love in the arms of her high school friend. 

Popi's friends and family were shocked over her death and speaking on the show, they said the brutality of the incident still haunted them.

"I didn't imagine her staying anywhere where she would be beaten. How did we not see this?" her sister said. 

The story shocked many and soon both the show and Popi's name topped the Twitter trends list. 

The tragic story sparked a conversation about woman abuse and the need for background checks when entering a relationship.