Yoh! The Ranaka's are back & the streets can't deal

12 October 2018 - 08:34 By Kyle Zeeman
The Ranaka's returned to screens for a third season.
The Ranaka's returned to screens for a third season.
Image: Supplied/ Mzansi Magic

Mzansi went into overdrive on Thursday night when the Ranaka family's reality show returned to screens for a new season.

Fans of the show have BEEN suffering from withdrawal symptoms so when the first episode of the news  hit our screens they could hardly contain themselves. 

I mean, this is the Mzansi KUWTK that went to a no-fees school!

All of the old faves were back, including Metro FM radio host Dineo Ranaka, Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka and even boetie Ranaka Ranaka.

In fact Ranaka cemented his position as the original black sheep of the family with his usual antics and left fans in stitches.

One of the funniest moments on the show was when Ranaka's missus Michelle told everyone that she loves her husband but he sometimes "forgets to come home".

Yah! That party life, neh?

And that time boetie told Mzansi that he still doesn't have a license, giving us all heart attacks.

There was also insane love for Ntate Ranaka who had viewers in tears with laughter over his sharp wit and big words.

Especially when he told his family to go eat next door and referred to a shebeen as an "eatery".