Shashi Naidoo was 'offered' R1,5-million not to join BDS during 'Gaza s**thole' saga

Shashi Naidoo had to defend her 'humanitarian status' after tweeps came for her.

15 October 2018 - 11:26
By Chrizelda Kekana
Shashi Naidoo was attacked by a tweep about her humanitarian deeds.
Image: Instagram/Shashi Naidoo Shashi Naidoo was attacked by a tweep about her humanitarian deeds.

Model and entrepreneur Shashi Naidoo has revealed that in addition to the threats to her life after she called Gaza a "sh**hole", she was also offered R1,5-million to not accept assistance from a Palestinian organisation BDS. 

In June, Shashi sparked widespread outrage over her comments about Gaza. Shortly after she was hauled over the coals Shashi held a press conference together with Palestinian solidarity group BDS, who also arranged a "fact-finding" trip for her to Palestine. 

The debacle reared its head again when a person on Twitter asked Shashi about her affiliation to BDS. 

Shashi went on to defend herself after the tweep said she was not a humanitarian. It was then that she revealed she was offered money. 

"I was offered 1.5 million to not take the stage with BDS. I was also physically threatened  to stay away. I did what my conscious dictated."

After the debacle, which made headlines across the country Shashi took a break from social media and she's stayed away from "deep" political issues.

However, Shashi has been subjected to questions from tweeps who want to know what the progress in her "journey to learn" from her mistakes is.  

This because along with her apology for the Gaza comments, Shashi said she would turn the mistake into an opportunity for her to learn more about the situation in Gaza and to educate others.